Blue Whale Suspension - Natural History Museum

Bespoke Stainless Steel Cable Assemblies at the NHM London.

As part of a new exhibition "Whales: Beneath the surface" at the London Natural History Museum, a 25-metre blue whale skeleton has taken centre stage, replacing the much-loved Diplodocus dinosaur "Dippy".

Blue Whale Skeleton 'Hope' - Natural History Museum

Set in the stunning surroundings of the Hintze Hall, Waterhouse building, this blue whale skeleton is suspended in the air using stainless steel wire rope assemblies, engineered and manufactured by S3i Group.

Blue Whale Suspension - Natural History Museum

Our managing director James Arrowsmith worked closely with the engineers regarding loading capacities and anchor points, ensuring that the blue whale could be safely suspended.

Blue Whale Skull Suspension

S3i coordinated on the armature fittings for this impressive project, including a bespoke fitting for end of rod, positioned in the back of skull.

Blue Whale Suspension - Hintze Hall
Blue Whale Suspension - NHM

Each bespoke cable has been created in house by our rigging guru Thom, with each stainless steel wire rope assembly produced precisely to length, with end fittings swaged to the exact angle specified.

A combination of swaged toggle, toggle fork, shackle toggle and threaded stud end fixings have been used to achieve the best suspension solution possible.

Wire Rope Assemblies with Swaged Toggle Ends

Stainless steel wire rope assemblies were used as they offered high strength and reflective properties that made the cables less visible in the lighting conditions.

Bespoke Wire Rope Assemblies and End Fittings

S3i also oversaw the design and manufacture of the highly polished stainless steel delta and square connecting plates.

Stainless Steel Connecting Plate for Wire Rope Assemblies
Connecting and Suspending the Blue Whale Skeleton
Connection Plates - Blue Whale Skeleton

Learn more about Whales: 'Beneath the surface' Exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London.

A Thank You from The Natural History Museum
Illuminated Blue Whale Skeleton Suspension - Hintze Hall
Illuminated Blue Whale Skeleton Suspension at the Natural History Museum
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