Easy Glass Hybrid Balustrade System

Light-weight, Strong and Flexible Post and Channel Glass Balustrade

Easy Glass Hybrid Balustrade

Glass Balustrade system with a beautiful minimalist design, where every detail has been created for flexibility and strength, offering real value for money without compromise.

The 'Hybrid' system offers a complete range of balustrade solutions with the choice of two completely different installation options. You can simply secure to the wall or choose baluster posts to support and secure glass panels - giving you the best of both worlds.

Manufactured from aluminium and powder coated steel, designed for light to medium use and is incredibly strong.

Full glass balustrade can be run up to 2.5 metres when using the larger of the cap rails (65mm x 40mm profile), for longer balustrade projects simply add the slim baluster posts.

The slim channel base shoe has a height of 43.5mm and is practically invisible. Simply combine with the size specific rubber insert to accept mono and laminated glass thickness of 8mm, 8.76mm, 9.52mm, 10mm, 10.76mm, 11.52mm, 12mm, 12.76mm, 13.52mm.

Hard-wearing with features such as in-built drainage, easy to install and maintenance free.

Finished in anodised aluminium and grey/silver powder coating on steel.

'Hybrid' - Baluster Post and Glass Channel Balustrade

Post and Glass Channel Balustrade

The post and glass design offers great flexibility on ambitious balustrades. The posts, base shoes and connectors have a slim design to give a sophisticated style to provide a perfect balance between glass and mountings, available for both top mount and fascia mount.

'Hybrid' - Full Glass Wall and Channel Balustrade

Wall and Channel Mounted Glass Balustrade

The strength with this style of balustrade comes from the cap rail and base shoe. Creating a completely transparent flow of glass to give you stunning uninterrupted views.


  • Lightweight aluminium base shoe, mountable with or without balusters.
  • Able to absorb line loads of up to 0.5 kN/m when mounted between 2 walls or with balusters every 3 metres.
  • No anchors needed, as plugs and screws will do the job.
  • Comes with Safety Inlays for easy glass installation.
  • Integrated water drainage.
  • Cap rails and balusters available in various sizes.

Hybrid Glass Balustrade Installation Advice

Wall Mount Hybrid Balustrade

Wall Mount Hybrid Balustrade Installation Advice

Wall Mount Hybrid Balustrade

Post Top Mount Hybrid Balustrade Installation Advice

Wall Mount Hybrid Balustrade

Post Fascia Mount Hybrid Balustrade Installation Advice

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