How To Glue Stainless Steel

Easy To Follow Guide For Stainless Steel Adhesive

Using high strength stainless steel adhesive is a quick and easy alternative to welding which is often a time consuming and expensive process.

Always use a professional stainless steel adhesive such as Q-Glue to achieve a good solid fixing.

Stainless Steel Adhesive

Q-Glue Curing Times

Requires 2 to 4 hours curing time at 20°C, times will vary dependent upon temperatures and humidity.

Using High Strength Q Glue Stainless Steel Adhesive

For best results ensure all stainless steel parts are free from grease and any dust or debris.

  • Shake bottle well before use.
  • Apply glue evenly and join parts together immediately.
  • Wipe away any excess glue before it is allowed to set.
  • Do not allow the components to move until the stainless steel adhesive has fully bonded.
  • Once adhesive has set clean your fixing joint with stainless steel cleaner for the perfect finish.
  • We would always recommend testing your fixing before use.

Safety - Hazards, Handling and Storage


Can cause irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin, may cause sensitization by skin contact.

The full safety sheet can be viewed or download below

Download Data Sheet

Stainless Steel Adhesive Information Sheet


As with all chemical bonding agents you must avoid contact with skin and eyes, we always recommend the use of nitrile gloves when handling Q-Glue.


Q-Glue should be stored below 28°C and away from direct sunlight.

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Using high strength stainless steel adhesive.
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