Sta-Lok Stainless Steel Turnbuckle - Toggle and Sta-Lok

Closed Body Toggle to Wire Rope Sta-Lok Fitting Turnbuckle in 316 Grade Stainless Steel

Sta-Lok Turnbuckles

Sta-Lok Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Toggle - Sta-Lok Fitting

Options Wire Ø
Fully Open
Fully Closed
Toggle Width (TW)
Pin Ø (TP)
Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
1/4" 3mm Toggle/Sta-Lok 3 1/4" 207 145 6.4 6.4 STA-ST22-03 £57.30
7-10 days
1/4" 4mm Toggle/Sta-Lok 4 1/4" 208 146 6.4 6.5 STA-ST22-144 £59.76
7-10 days
5/16" 4mm Toggle/Sta-Lok 4 5/16" 230 162 8.4 7.9 STA-ST22-04 £67.39
7-10 days
5/16" 5mm Toggle/Sta-Lok 5 5/16" 234 166 8.4 7.9 STA-ST22-5165 £73.02
7-10 days
3/8" 5mm Toggle/Sta-Lok 5 3/8" 268 188 9.9 9.5 STA-ST22-05 £77.08
7-10 days
3/8" 6mm Toggle/Sta-Lok 6 3/8" 264 184 9.9 9.5 STA-ST22-386 £88.10
7-10 days
1/2" 7mm Toggle/Sta-Lok 7 1/2" 319 223 13.1 12.7 STA-ST22-07 £121.93
7-10 days
1/2" 8mm Toggle/Sta-Lok 8 1/2" 320 224 13.1 12.7 STA-ST22-08 £133.08
7-10 days
5/8" 8mm Toggle/Sta-Lok 8 5/8" 398 275 16.3 16.0 STA-ST22-588 £167.30
7-10 days
5/8" 10mm Toggle/Sta-Lok 10 5/8" 398 275 16.3 16.0 STA-ST22-10 £196.67
7-10 days

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Key Features:

316 Grade Stainless Steel
316 grade stainless steel.
Polished Finish
Polished finish.
UNF Thread
UNF thread.
Sta-Lok self-fit Terminal
Sta-Lok self-fit wire rope terminal.

Sta-Lok closed body turnbuckle supplied with threaded strap toggle at one end and a reusable Sta-Lok self-fit stud for wire rope at the other..

The swivel toggle is designed to allow full articulation on two planes, and is supplied with a split pin.

Sta-Lok self-fit terminal, is a reusable alternative to machine swaging.

Quick and easy to install, with only a few basic hand tools required.

Guaranteed stronger than wire rope.

Suitable for right hand and left hand lay wire rope.

Manufactured from polished 316 marine grade stainless steel seamless tube.

The "closed body" design means that this strap toggle to Sta-Lok fitting has a fully enclosed body with no exposed threads or other parts. This helps protect the internal components from damage and debris, and also reduces the risk of snagging or catching on other objects.

Turnbuckle has a lock nut at each end.

Also referred to as rigging screws, tensioners, bottle screws or adjusters.

Turnbuckle - Toggle to DIY Sta-Lok Fitting - Dimensions

Dimension Information:

PDF Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Download Sta-Lok Turnbuckle Dimension Information

Made In Britain

Made In Britain

Sta-Lok turnbuckles are expertly manufactured to the highest standards here in the UK, with a worldwide reputation for outstanding quality, reliability and value.

Sta-Lok Swageless Fitting

Sta-Lok Wire Connector Terminals - Technical Information - How to assemble

1. Cut wire rope and slide socket component over wire.

Sta-Lok Self Fit Terminal - Step 1

Wind tape around wire approximately 12" (300mm) from end. This will prevent the socket from sliding down the wire.

TIP: If using a hacksaw to cut your wire rope, wind tape around wire to ensure a neat cut.

2. Unravel outer strands.

Sta-Lok Self Fit Terminal - Step 2

Unravel outer wire rope strands 2" to 3" (50-76mm) to expose central core.

TIP: Use a screwdriver to prise initial strands out of position.

3. Slide wedge component over central core of wire rope.

Sta-Lok Self Fit Terminal - Step 3

4. Reposition outer strands.

Sta-Lok Self Fit Terminal - Step 4

Turn outer strands either clockwise or anti-clockwise, depending on the lay of the wire, around the wedge. Ensure approximately 1/8" (2-3mm) of the central core protrudes from the end of the wedge.

Outer strands should be evenly situated around the wedge. Care should be taken to ensure that a strand does not slip into the slit of the wedge.

TIP: Push the socket towards end of wire, while repositioning the outer strands, this will help control. When wire strands are in position, push socket firmly, as indicated to hold wires in position.

5. Final Assembly.

Sta-Lok Self Fit Terminal - Step 4

Ensure former component sits in bottom of end fitting. Screw socket assembly into end fitting and tighten with spanners. The assembly is now complete.

Outer strands should be evenly situated around the wedge. Care should be taken to ensure that a strand does not slip into the slit of the wedge.

TIP: excessive force is not required to terminate the wire.

Fitting instructions are supplied with each Terminal.

S3i Video

Video: Stainless Steel Turnbuckles. How do they work?

Stainless Steel Turnbuckles. Demonstration of the mechanics of closed body stainless steel turnbuckles.

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