Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa & Resort - Glass Balustrade

Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade Installation for the Tyram Lakes Resort

S3i are are proud to be supplying and installing our fascia mount pro glass balustrade system at the Tyram Lakes project.

The Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa & Resort will be unique and the first of its type in the UK, offering 200 luxurious, avant-garde wooden Eco Lodges set on approximately 65 acres of lakes whilst adjacent to approximately 100 acres of natural woodlands.

Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa & Resort

Phase One

Work has now started on the first of 50 Eco Lodges, comprising of fascia mount glass balustrade around the raised timber decking and down and around the stylish waterside seating area/jetty.

Eco Lodge with Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade System

Fascia mount pro channel balustrade combined with 21.52mm laminated toughened glass provides a strong and contemporary barrier around the decking walkways.

Staircase Down To Seating Area/Jetty with Fascia Mount Glass Balustrade

Pro channel balustrade profiles are ideal for installation onto timber and fascia profiles can be positioned flush to the decking surface.

Fascia Mount Glass Balustrade Flush with Decking

Using framless glass balustrade in such a tranquil and scenic setting maximises transparency for a perfect view every time.

Eco Lodge Entrance with Glass Balustrade

The frameless pro balustrade corner and base profiles are designed for quick and easy pin connection, and use an adjustable rubber insert and wedge kit to allow for glass panel positioning to be fine-tuned for perfect alignment.

For more information on Tyram Lakes visit www.tyramlakes.co.uk

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