Q-Disc and Rubber Set - Easy Glass Smart Balustrade

Easy Glass Smart Q-Disc System for Super Fast Glass Installation and Adjustment

Suitable for 12mm, 13.52mm and 15mm glass thickness.

Align 12mm, 13.52mm and 15mm glass balustrade panels quick and easy. The combination of a special inlay and the Q-disc inserted in the base shoe safely holds each individual glass panel in place.

Please Note

Please Note:

This Q-disc and rubber kit is only suitable for use with:

Top Mount and Fascia Mount Easy Glass Smart Balustrade Systems.

Q-Disc and Rubber Set - Easy Glass Smart

Options Coverage
Glass Thickness
Glass Type Q-Disc Inserts Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
12mm Glass 5000 12 Mono 20 208201-050-12 £104.90
7-10 days
13.52mm Glass 5000 13.52 Laminated 20 208201-050-14 £104.90
7-10 days
15mm Glass 5000 15 Mono 20 208201-050-15 £104.90
7-10 days

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Safety wedge set for secure installation of glass panels into Easy Glass Smart base profiles.

Glass adjustment of 0.6° vertically.

Designed for fast installation and positioning of glass panels.

Supplied in kits with enough fixings for 5 metre spans.

Requires use of Q-Tool for glass installation.

For larger glass panel alignment we recommend using the Q-disc Installation Plate.

How it works - Installation

Suitable for 12mm, 13.52mm and 15mm glass thickness.

Adjustable Q-Disc Inlay and Rubber Set

1. Put the inlay in the Easy Glass Smart base shoe.

2. Position the glass panel.

3. Insert the Q-Disc between the glass and the inlay and 'click' it tight.

4. Connect the tool to the Q-Disc and turn it clockwise to secure the infill.

5. Check whether individual glass panels are in need of alignment.

6. For any panel needing alignment, turn the Q-Disc anticlockwise.

7. To adjust the angle of the panel, use the Q-Tool (available separately) to slide the inlay.

8. Re-secure the Q-Disc by turning it clockwise.

Q-Disc Installation Advice

Q-Disc Installation Advice

Glass Positioning

Q-Disc Installation
Q-Disc Installation

The essential partner

Q-Tool for Adjustable Q-Disc
Multi application tool for glass installation on Easy Glass Smart balustrade.

Q-Tool for Adjustable Q-Disc
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