Q-Disc and Rubber Set - Easy Glass Smart+ Balustrade

Easy Glass Smart+ Q-Disc System for Super Fast Glass Installation and Adjustment

Suitable for 17.52mm and 21.52mm glass thickness.

Simply the quickest way ever to secure and align glass panels in a glass balustrade. The combination of a special inlay and the Q-disc inserted in the base shoe safely holds each individual glass panel in place.

Please Note

Please Note:

This Q-disc and rubber kit is only suitable for use with:

Top Mount and Fascia Mount Easy Glass Smart+ Balustrade Systems.

Q-Disc and Rubber Set - Easy Glass Smart+

Options Coverage
Glass Thickness
Glass Type Q-Disc Inserts Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
17.52mm Glass 5000 17.52 Laminated 20 208301-050-18 £104.90
7-10 days
21.52mm Glass 5000 21.52 Laminated 20 208301-050-22 £104.90
7-10 days

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Safety wedge set for secure installation of glass panels into Easy Glass Smart+ base profiles.

Options for 17.52mm and 21.52mm glass thickness.

Glass adjustment of 0.6° vertically.

Designed for fast positioning of glass panels.

Supplied in kits with enough fixings for 5 metre spans.

Requires use of Q-Tool for glass installation.

For larger glass panel alignment we recommend using the Q-disc Installation Plate.

How it works - Installation

Adjustable Q-Disc Inlay and Rubber Set

1. Put the inlay in the Easy Glass Smart+ base shoe.

2. Position the glass panel.

3. Insert the Q-Disc between the glass and the inlay and 'click' it tight.

4. Connect the tool to the Q-Disc and turn it clockwise to secure the infill.

5. Check whether individual glass panels are in need of alignment.

6. For any panel needing alignment, turn the Q-Disc anticlockwise.

7. To adjust the angle of the panel, use the Q-Tool (available separately) to slide the inlay.

8. Re-secure the Q-Disc by turning it clockwise.

Q-Disc Installation Advice

Q-Disc Installation Advice

Glass Adjustment

Q-Disc Installation
Q-Disc Installation

The essential partner

Q-Tool for Adjustable Q-Disc
Multi application tool for glass installation on Easy Glass Smart+ balustrade.

Q-Tool for Adjustable Q-Disc
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