Barrier Line - Stainless Steel Street Furniture

Hoop Barrier System for Demarcation, Guidance and Traffic Separation

Hoop Barrier - Stainless Steel Street furniture

Stainless steel hoop barrier provides a sturdy, effective and stylish way to bring safety and organisation to a diverse range of applications.

Hoop barriers are manufactured from high quality 316 grade stainless steel, supplied fully pre-assembled ready for root core installation in to concrete.

Use Barrier Line as street furniture, for instance to direct people through public spaces, or for partitioning pedestrian and cycle paths or securing protected areas.

It is also perfectly suited for creating pedestrian routes for added safety in shopping centres or near schools.

Demarcate car-free zones in indoor parking garages or exterior car parks or to prevent theft around car dealer sites.

The robust construction makes this hoop barrier particularly suitable to stall and secure bicycles, or to create trolley bays in commercial areas.

Designed for:

  • Light to medium use.
  • Indoor and outdoor.
  • In-floor mounting.


  • Pre-fabricated.
  • Affordable.
  • No welding, screwing or gluing required.
  • With or without mid-rail.


  • Demarcation and guidance.
  • Perimeters around designated car parking areas.
  • Perimeters around retail outlets and offices.
  • Prevent unauthorised vehicle access to pedestrian areas.
  • Secure fixing of bicycles, scooters and motorcycles.
  • Cycle and pedestrian paths.
  • Schools.
  • Trolley bays.
Stainless Steel Hoop Barrier on Pathway
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