Collared Ring Bolt, 304 Grade Stainless Steel (A2-AISI)

Collared Ring Bolt - Stainless Steel

Useful collared eye bolt with interlinked ring, supplied with washer and fixing nut for secure installation.

Collared Ring Bolt

Available Options G L3
Break Load
Code Price (inc VAT)  
M6 x 30mm M6 30 57 46 25 5 13 30 950 CLRB-M6-030 £11.02
M6 x 60mm M6 60 87 76 25 5 13 30 950 CLRB-M6-060 £11.34
M8 x 35mm M8 35 66 53 25 6 15 40 1500 CLRB-M8-035 £13.92
M8 x 80mm M8 80 111 98 25 6 15 40 1500 CLRB-M8-080 £14.65
M10 x 50mm M10 50 85 70 30 7 16 45 2200 CLRB-M10-050 £20.18
M10 x 100mm M10 100 135 120 30 7 16 45 2200 CLRB-M10-100 £21.26
M12 x 100mm M12 100 140 124 30 10 18 50 3300 CLRB-M12-100 £25.66
M12 x 160mm M12 160 200 184 30 10 18 50 3300 CLRB-M12-160 £27.06

Key Features:

316 stainless steel 304 grade stainless steel.
break load Product has quoted break load.


How should you select the right eye bolt?

Use plain or shoulderless eye bolts or ring bolts for vertical loading only.

Angle loading on shouderless eye bolts will bend or break them.

Use shoulder eye bolts for vertical or angle loading.

How should you use stainless steel eye bolts safely?

Orientate the eye bolt in line with the slings. If the load is applied sideways, the eye bolt may bend.

Pack washers between the shoulder and the load surface to ensure that the eye bolt firmly contacts the surface.

Ensure that the nut is properly torqued.

Engage at least 90% of threads in receiving a hole when using shims or washers.

Attach only one sling leg to each eye bolt.

Inspect and clean the eye bolt threads and the hole.

Screw the eye bolt on all the way down and properly seat.

Ensure the tapped hole for a screw eye bolt (body bolts) has a minimum depth of one-and-a-half times the bolt diameter.

Install the shoulder at right angles to the axis of the hole.

The shoulder should be in full contact with the surface of the object being lifted.

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