Shower Screen Support Arm Kit - Vertical Mount - Tubular

6mm to 10mm Glass Support Arm, Ceiling Mount for Bathroom Shower Screens

Vertical 19mm diameter tube arm for glass screens and partitions, available in a choice of stainless steel, polished chrome or anthracite black finishes.

Perfect for use with a horizontal support arm for added rigidity.

Shower Screen Support Arm - Vertical - Tubular

Stainless Steel Design Finish

Options Tube Length
Glass Thickness
Finish Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
Stainless Steel, 250mm 250 6 - 10 Stainless Steel Design 29.6015.019.12-025 £29.57
In stock
Stainless Steel, 500mm 500 6 - 10 Stainless Steel Design 29.6015.019.12-050 £34.01
In stock
Stainless Steel, 1000mm 1000 6 - 10 Stainless Steel Design 29.6015.019.12-100 £40.03
In stock

Chrome Design Finish

Options Tube Length
Glass Thickness
Finish Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
Chrome, 250mm 250 6 - 10 Chrome Design 29.6015.019.10-025 £34.42
In stock
Chrome, 500mm 500 6 - 10 Chrome Design 29.6015.019.10-050 £41.41
In stock
Chrome, 1000mm 1000 6 - 10 Chrome Design 29.6015.019.10-100 £47.71
In stock

Anthracite Black Design Finish

Options Tube Length
Glass Thickness
Finish Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
Black, 250mm 250 6 - 10 Anthracite Black Design 29.6015.019.26-025 £44.93
In stock

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Key Features:

Stainless Steel Design
Option of stainless steel design.
Chrome Design
Option of chrome design.
Anthracite Black Design
Option of anthracite black design.
19mm Tube
19mm diameter tube.
6mm - 10mm Glass
6mm - 10mm glass.

Designed to fit onto flat surfaces, easy position clamp fitting for 6mm to 10mm glass screens.

Available in lengths of 250mm, 500mm and 1000mm tube and can be trimmed to size required.

Stainless steel and zinc alloy construction in a choice of finishes.

Glass thickness: 6mm, 6.38mm, 6.76mm, 8mm, 8.38mm, 8.76mm, 9.52mm, 10mm.

The overall length will extend by 25mm with end fittings in place.

Requires allen/hex key for installation.

Need a different length?

You can simply create your own kit by choosing individual component items to suit your needs.

Component parts are shown below, simply click on the component name to view options.


Each Kit includes

  • 1 x Tube
  • 1 x Flat mount tube bracket
  • 1 x Tube insert with clamp

Important - Please Note:

Glass shower screen NOT included.


You can use Stainless Steel Adhesive to fix Tube Insert Clamp in place, although this is not essential, as end fitting is a tight fit and will be held firmly in position by tension between glass and ceiling fitting.

Vertical Shower Screen Support Installation
Ceiling Mount Shower Screen Support Arm

Product Information Downloads Here:

PDF Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Shower Screen Support - Vertical - Tubular - Data Sheet

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