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Cutting the wire

Cut the wire to length. The edge of the wire must be square. Try wrapping a piece of tape around the end of the wire which will keep the strands in place while cutting. A clean cut will assist assembly.

Main body placed over the wire

Place the main body part over the wire rope as shown.

Untwisting the wire

Untwist the outer wire strands by gripping firmly and twisting in the opposite direction to the lay of the wire. Keep unwinding the outer strands until you can clearly see the centre core wire.


Locate the cone, shown above.

Sliding the core over the centre strand

Slide the thin end of the cone over the centre strand. You can force the cone open with a screwdriver blade if necessary.

Crown ring

Locate the crown ring, shown above.

Position crown ring

Slide the crown ring over the core with the concave side to the cone.

There is a hole in the centre of the threaded stud, fork or eye.

Push the crown ring on with this part and the core will protrude by the correct amount.

Crown ring and core

Note how the crown ring (in red) and the core (in blue) should be seated.

Twisting the strands back into position

Gently twist the outer strands of the wire rope back into position over the Cone. Firmly twist the Crown Ring in the direction of the lay while you position the outer strands in the slots.

Wire sizes less than 5mm diameter arranged on crown ring
Wire sizes greater than 5mm diameter arranged on crown ring

Wire sizes up to 5mm require 2 strands per slot, wire sizes above 5mm have 1 strand per slot.

Strands in final position

When all of the outer strands are in place the Cone and Crown Ring will remain in place with no assistance.

Correct position of strands

Make sure that each outer strand is not out of position and that each slot houses the correct number of strands.

Testing the position of the strands

At this stage you can test that the fitting has been assembled correctly by positioning the threaded end fitting on top of the Crown Ring.

The part should sit flush with none of the wire obstructing the threads of the end fitting.

Twisting body back over core and crown ring

Gently twist the body back up the wire and over the Cone and Crown Ring, rotating in the same direction as the lay of wire.

Screw the threaded end fitting tightly onto the body.

Do not apply thread locking solution at this stage.

Checking strands and core have stayed in place

Remove the end fitting and ensure that the outer strands and the crown ring have stayed in position.

Completed assembly

Screw the threaded end fitting back into position and fix with Loctite 262 or some other suitable thread locking solution.


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