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Balustrade Post Mounting Brackets for our Modular System

Baluster Mounting Brackets

Baluster Mounting Brackets

Balustrade mounting brackets perfect for mounting in most difficult locations.

Available for many different situations, they allow for incredibly strong attachment.

Balustrade Post Mounting Brackets

Post mounting brackets designed for strength and flexibility. Corner mounting brackets for inside or outside corners, face fixing brackets and base plates for inclines.

Intelligent design to solve the trickiest mounting problems for your stainless steel banister.

Installation Example Onto Masonry Surface

Mounting Bracket Instruction 1

Measure and drill holes, clean holes to ensure they are free from dust. Apply anchor injection resin into holes

Mounting Bracket Instruction 2

Insert M10 threaded rod.

Mounting Bracket Instruction 3

Ensure to leave enough thread to accept your fixing, full nut and dome nut (25mm to 30mm approx).

Mounting Bracket Instruction 4

Seal threaded rod with anchor injection resin and allow to set.

Mounting Bracket Instruction 5

Place mounting bracket over threaded rods.

Mounting Bracket Instruction 6

Ensuring your bracket is aligned correctly, we recommend using a baluster bracket spirit level for this.

Mounting Bracket Instruction 7

Using a M10 stainless steel full nut and a M10 stainless steel dome nut fix the mounting bracket into place.

Mounting Bracket Instruction 8

Check to ensure a secure fix.

Mounting Bracket Instruction 9

Insert your balustrade tube/post into position.

Mounting Bracket Instruction 10

Fix into position by tightening the grub screws using a hex head key.

Mounting Bracket Instruction 11

Clean your fixed mounting bracket and you are ready to go!

Mounting Bracket Instruction 12

You should treat your stainless steel balustrade on a regular basis to ensure long lasting perfection. We recommend Q Ultra clean to clean and protect.

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