Post Base Flanges - Modular Balustrade

Post Base Flanges - Stainless Steel Modular Balustrade

Stainless Steel Base Flanges for Tubular Balustrade Posts

Balustrade post base flanges serve as supports for the vertical posts that make up your railing system.

Base flanges are typically mounted to a surface using screws or bolts, the choice of mounting method may depend on the specific application and the type of surface the flange is being attached to.

Baluster post base flanges are available to fit 42.4mm and 48.3mm diameter tube with a wall thickness of 2mm. It's essential to choose flanges that match the specifications of your project.

Fixed position flanges are ideal for flat level balustrade, Adjustable flanges are perfect for stairs and inclines.

Our stainless steel balustrade post base flanges are a great solution when you need to connect stainless steel tube without the need for welding, tubes are simply glued in place using a high strength stainless steel adhesive, this form of connection provides a secure fixing and is not inferior in terms of it's strength.

Below are examples of balustrade using fixed and adjustable base flanges.

Post Base Flange Styles on Stairs

Ready Made Posts

We offer a full range of pre-prepared, easy to DIY install stainless steel baluster posts.

Each post is supplied with a pre-welded base plate in position and an open top for you to add a post fitting, manufactured in-house by our team of master craftsmen.

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