Stainless Steel Tube End Caps for Balustrade Handrail

Tube End Caps - Stainless Steel Modular Balustrade

Tube End Caps and End Scrolls

Stainless steel end caps and end scrolls with an attractive brushed satin finish are the ideal choice for finishing any handrail.

Easy Hit Balustrade Tube End Caps

High quality stainless steel tap fit tube end pieces available for indoor and outdoor use.

Available to fit 42.4mm and 48.3mm diameter tube.

Designed to be tapped into stainless steel railing to complete a balustrade neatly and simply without the need for adhesive or welding.

We recommend using a plastic Easy Hit Hammer instead of a conventional hammer to avoid marking or damaging your end cap during installation.

Easy Hit End Cap Installation Guide

Select correct size end cap

Ensure you are using the correct diameter end cap for your tube.

Position end cap into tube

Place end cap into position.

Tap end cap in place

Using a plastic hammer, firmly hit the end cap into the tube.

Ensure end cap is flush with tube

The end cap should fit flush to your tube.

End Cap For Modular Stainless Steel Balustrade
S3i Video

Video: Easy Hit Balustrade End Caps - S3i Group

Video demonstration of fitting an easy hit balustrade end cap.

Tube End Scrolls

End scrolls create a beautiful finishing touch to your balustrade system, simple to install with the use of a high strength glue.

Quick and easy to install with the use of a high strength stainless steel adhesive, eliminating the need to weld.

Designed to fit flush into 42.4mm or 48.3mm stainless steel tubular railing with options of 304 grade and 316 grade stainless steel. Giving you an elegant hard wearing finish that will never go out of style.

Stainless Steel Tube Handrail

Powder Coating?

We can now powder coat end caps to any given RAL colour of your choice.

This is a bespoke service, with all components being manufactured to order.

For further information simply contact our sales and technical team on
01302 752 504 or email us at

Powder Coating
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