Flush Tube Connector Fittings

Flush Angle Connectors

Flush Angle Connectors

The perfect choice for when you need to connect balustrade tubes together quickly and neatly without the need for welding.

These flush fitting connectors are designed to attach easily with a high strength adhesive.

Stainless Steel Flush Angle Connectors For Tube

We offer a wide range of styles, with a choice of in-line, 90 degree corner, tee, 135 degree angle and 3-way connectors available to compliment our modular balustrade range.

These connection pieces are the ideal solution for when you need to connect stainless steel tubes without the need for welding.

Quick and easy to install using a high strength stainless steel adhesive to give you a strong connection.

Produced from high quality stainless steel to a brushed 320 grit satin finish, with options available for interior and exterior applications.

Available to fit 42.4mm or 48.3mm diameter tube.

Modular Balustrade Posts

Stainless steel Balustrade Posts suitable for use with flush connectors.

Modular balustrade Tube

Designed to fit with our range of stainless steel Balustrade Railing Tubes.

High Strength Stainless Steel Adhesive

High strength Stainless Steel Adhesive required for installation.

Q Ultra Clean

We advise using Q Ultra Clean to clean and protect your stainless steel balustrade.

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