Beech Hardwood Handrail, Stained And Lacquered, Indoor

Stained And Lacquered Beech Hardwood Handrail For Indoor Use

Stained and lacquered beech handrails are naturally produced from environmentally friendly FSC certified wood.

Beech Handrail Stained and Lacquered - Modular

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42mm , Beech Handrail 42 20.8925.042.41 £41.52

Key Features:

Lacquered Beech Handrail Manufactured from beech with a stained and lacquered finish.
42.2 diameter To suit our 42.4mm range of balustrade fittings.
Available in cut lengths Supplied at any length up to 2.5 metres.

This beech handrail is supplied ready to use with a superb P11 stain and lacquered finish.

Suitable for indoor use, it provides an attractive hard-wearing handrail solution for any interior balustrade project.

42mm diameter handrail.

Supplied cut to length, upto a maximum of 2.5 metres.

Care Instructions

This product is supplied pre-treated with a superb stained and lacquered finish.

For interior use, your usual indoor furniture polish should be all you need to keep it looking great for many years to come.

Please note that wood is a natural product and colours can vary.

Beech Stained And Lacquered Handrail

Product Information Downloads Here:

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Stained And Lacquered Beech Hardwood Handrail


Beech Handrail Stained and Lacquered - Modular

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10 months ago
Great!! Looks fabulous. Service and quality product.

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