Handrail Saddle, In-Line, Tube Fix, Ultra Corrosion Resistant Range

Ultra Range Balustrade Handrail Saddle - 2205 Grade Stainless Steel

Balustrade in-line handrail saddle to fit upright 42.4mm tubular posts to support tubular handrail

Handrail Saddle, In-Line, Tube Fix - Ultra

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42.4mm x 42.4mm , 2205 2205 42.4 42.4 80 18.0690.242.12 £24.42

Key Features:

Duplex 2205 grade 2205 grade Duplex corrosion resistant stainless steel.
42.2 diameter 42.4mm diameter stainless steel tube.
320 grit satin finish 320 grit satin finish.
Requires stainless steel adhesive Requires a small amount of Stainless Steel Adhesive for fixing to post.

This handrail saddle is a sleek and easy to install fitting used to connect your stainless steel posts and handrail.

Using only a small amount of glue and two screws it achieves a secure and elegant connection.

The perfect choice for harsh external applications.

Available for 42.4mm diameter handrail.

Manufactured in 2205 grade corrosion resistant stainless steel and to a brushed satin finish.

Ultra Resistant In Line Handrail Saddle Example 1

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Ultra Handrail Saddle, In-line, Tube Fix

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